08 2008/09   Unlike Any Other 17:40 by kinol @ Singapore  

When we raised the glass and drank off the tea held in our hands, I knew this was the time unlike any other.

Barely several months ago, we were so much alike as classmates, friends and peers. We knew we would have the university life come to an end soon. The excitement of forthcoming graduation was accompanied by the unspoken panic and lost. We were uncertain about what would come next. The life ahead after commencement was brand new to us. What kind of people would we encounter? What kind of life would we expect? There seemed to be so many unsolved questions for us to solve, one by one.

Now, we get together again. We become matured, and different. We talked less about past, more about present and future. We departed from the same point called past, and head towards different directions called future. Time erodes memory, but fosters change.

Looking out from the window, I saw the landscape was unlike the one I saw when I first arrived at this island five years ago. How will it look like in another five years?



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